What are Service Passwords and Service Keys used for?

What are Service Passwords and Service Keys used for?

A Service Password alias a Service Key or a Service Code refers to a special password, which service engineers and technical specialists utilize to gain access to the Service Menu or Service Mode. The Service Menu consists of service functions, which are used to configure and fix problems in different MRI scanners including MAGNETOM Vision, MAGNETOM Quantum, MAGNETOM Impact, etc, and in Computerized Tomography (CT) scanners such as SOMATOM Emotion 6, SOMATOM AR.SP (SOMATOM AR/Spiral), SOMATOM AR.HP, etc. Apart from that, the Service Menu is used when scanner installation or maintenance is required, and it is also necessary to support scanners under the service contracts.

To obtain access to the “Service Menu”, it is required for an engineer to have a site-specific changeable Service Password that is usually provided by a scanner manufacturer. Often, the variable service password is stated in the scanner’s manual and other accompanying papers, provided the expiration date of your support contract is not over yet. Failing this, a service company needs to purchase a new service password or service key, if they do not want to stop supporting the system. As a rule, the process of buying a new service password/key takes quite a long time, especially if you do not have direct business relationships and contacts with a manufacturing company. Our extensive experience and well-established business relations in this field empower us to significantly shorten the supply time and cut the cost of service to the minimum. We are eager, able, and ready to make this work instead of you and for you! It is time to make your support contract more cost-effective!

Each key (password) has its own access level: a low-level password can only be used to execute software diagnostics, test a scanner, and view the log, while a high-level password is suitable for opening the calibration menus and carry out all available actions. Beyond that, each password has its own date of expiry – a period during which a password/key is valid, for example, a week, a month or a year.

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You can easily get your free trial Service Password, which will be immediately sent to you once you provide us with necessary information about your scanner system. Pay attention that this password will have its date of expiry (it expires in a day or a week depending on a type of your scanner). The Service Key will also have the lowest access level because it is just a free trial and is only meant to demonstrate how such a password works.

To get your free trial service password, please write us an email (the link is here) and provide us with the following details about your scanner and its system:

  • Scanner manufacturer/vendor name
  • Scanner type/name

We may also ask you to give us more details about your scanner if the provided information is not enough. You can send us all details you know about your scanner should you know them, such as a previous variable service password or service key.

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